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Life Is Sweet.

I’ve not blogged in a long time. A VERY long time and this has preyed on mind. Life has improved for me in so many ways. But mainly on the relationship front.
Thanks to a simple Follow Friday post from a friend I was introduced to my partner/boyfriend whatever you want to call it. We chatted online (as you do) and got to know one another. I will admit to being wary after the disaster of the previous man. But I kicked myself up the arse and started to flirt more and more and a bit more! When I was down he’d make some sort of awful pun and put a smile on my face.
Numbers were exchanged and the flirting went from dm’s to texts and loooooing phonecalls! One in.particular lasted five hours! We spent a few days together after Christmas and the deal was sealed! Oi mind out of the gutter gentle reader!!! (dirty beasts) I mean we were officially a couple. 😀

Thats us (he’s the one on the left of frame!) so meet Kenneth (as his mother calls him) my lovely funny caring boyfriend. The photo was taken on his sisters wedding day. Yes I’m really wearing a frock! Although my legs were hidden by leggings.
His family have welcomed me into their fold and of that I’m grateful. I feel very blessed just now. Lets see where life takes me next.


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